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Quando una sfera bianca giunge sulla spiaggia di uno sperduto villaggio dell'America Latina, una serie di eventi misteriosi metterà in moto una caccia all'alieno che potrebbe costare milioni di vite.
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DATA: 2016

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The Twilight Children is a comic book limited series written by American cartoonist Gilbert Hernandez and drawn by Canadian cartoonist Darwyn Cooke. Vertigo published the four-issue series from October 2015 to January 2016. The story takes place in a Latin American fishing village and mixes elements of science fiction and magic realism

Laura is the leader of Neverland's lost boys, more commonly known as the Twilight Children, and the worst enemy of Prince Sebastian, who is trying to take Neverland. When both of them end up in the school for good with Agatha and Tedros, they find themselves attracted to each other, despite the hate that they were born to believe in.